20th gig: Thursday 05 Feb 2009 at The Plough

Andrew Booker 2009-01-20 00:02:04

Improvizone returns to The Plough in Walthamstow on Thursday 05 February 2009 for the first gig of this year. The players will be the familiar quartet of Plough regulars, namely

Apart from anywhere else we might be playing this year, I plan to make this the first of a series of Plough gigs through to the summer, maybe one every three or four weeks. Listening back over some Plough recordings from there, I've become pretty fond of this place. We all seem to be able to relax and play good stuff there, the owners seem to like us because we're interesting and reasonably quiet, and it's a five minute drive from where I live in South Woodford. I'm not even slightly ashamed to say that last consideration is the most important for me :)

I have three targets for this gig, though I'm not especially bothered if I don't achieve any of them, no matter what it says on my poster there.

Free CDs
Hopefully I will have copies of our next free CD pressed in time for this one. I'm going to use the one containing Plough recordings, since that's where we're playing first this year. I'm pretty happy with the mixes for five tracks, adding up to 46 minutes or so, a good length for a CD. A possible sixth track was a piece from the Design Museum gig that I've been thinking of using. But I haven't even edited it yet, I'm kind of fond of the five as they are, and time is running out, so I've pretty much decided just to go with the five I've got.

New visuals
I could just play one of last year's sets, but I have a few new or unused items, so I should try and get some new material. Compiling these videos is very slow, just in terms of processing speed, so I need to be extra organised in this endeavour. So, if I haven't done them in time, and we're all still looking at pictures of the palm of my hand or the cracked paint on my bathroom window sill, you'll know I'm a scatterbrain.

Home-made random electronic drum sounds
This is the target I am least likely to achieve, as I have done virtually nothing on it since writing about it here. I will try though, because sometimes the important thing with software projects is to get something working in production as early as possible, though it may be nowhere near my original spec of generating random drum sounds that mutate over time.

Oh, and to play some quite nice things, as always.

Come and watch us beat together ambient, chillout and occasionally rockier musics into a terrific blend, free of charge, and take a free CD home with you afterwards! Does it get much better (in Upper Walthamstow)?! That's right, of course it doesn't. 5th Feb. Diary. Go on...

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