Recent gigs 2: Darkroom at The Green Dragon, Croydon 27 Feb 08

Andrew Booker 2008-03-03 00:31:40

Last Wednesday Os, Mike and I played a Darkroom gig at the Green Dragon in Croydon.

The gig was organised by Daniel and Dominic from the Resonance Association, who are now label mates with Darkroom after releasing their first album on Burning Shed recently. So this was something of a mini Shed Burning evening, and Os and Mike invited me to gig with them for a second time (this was the first).

I have to admit, during much of this performance, I didn't feel I was transforming their gig into anything better than Mike and Os could have done by themselves. At times I thought the trio was coming up with some great stuff, at others I just thought I was bashing and skittering pointlessly over the top of some otherwise nice soundscapes. Os has the multitrack recordings, so he'll be able to find out for sure by buttoning me out and listening to what's left.

That picture was taken on my phone camera (these days I'm using the Nokia N95), with which I was able to video our entire 35 minute set, before its battery pancaked just as we were being applauded off. And while my memory may be of a patchy gig, listening back to the quite reasonable audio on the phone, it all sounds much more coherent and meaningful, which is encouraging. We'll probably have some downloads from it soon, as Os isn't sure it meets the Darkroom specifications (otherwise he'll add them to the Darkroom podcast), and then you can decide for yourself whether the trio works on this occasion.

Os and Mike have of course been regulars at Improvizone gigs, and it has been drifting in and out of my awareness that 27 Feb, the day of the Green Dragon gig, was exactly a year after the first Improvizone gig, at Imbibe SE1 on 27 Feb 2007. There is no significance in that coincidence at all, other than the reminder that I need to get out and organise stuff if there are ever going to be any more.

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